Human Resources Management

Human resource management is more important than ever. The reason: there is potential for a tremendous financial burden on a company as a result of avoidable problems connected with personnel matters. Through expert advice on human resource compliance and policies, Howard Leasing assists clients with timely, accurate and helpful information.

Stay in compliance with government regulations

Whether it’s dealing with government red tape or dismissal procedures, it seems that nothing is as simple as it used to be. Companies now find it especially difficult to monitor internal policies to ensure compliance with a rapidly changing HR compliance environment including the Family and Medical Leave Act, American with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual harassment and other federal, state and local statues. In fact, over 20% of today’s court cases involve employer-employee disputes.

Gain a unique bundle of services for human resource policies

Howard Leasing offers comprehensive, full service solutions to assist with your human resource needs. Our programs and services help you cope with employee issues better by providing guidance on important human resource functions, freeing you to concentrate on revenue and income building.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Customized employee handbooks to establish and explain consistent human resource policies
  • Stay up-to-date with labor law changes
  • Vacation, salary, confidentiality and leave policies tailored to your needs
  • Complete employee orientations
  • Employee educational pieces
  • Basic management training for front-line supervision
  • Guidelines for disciplinary procedures
  • Documentation procedures

Get professional guidance before you act

When you are dealing with sensitive matters such as discipline or dismissal, we are readily available to offer guidance before you take action, thereby assisting you through appropriate procedures.

Howard Leasing’s human resource expertise provides you with timely access to the latest information.

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